Do you just shoot theatre?

Not at all! I also shoot weddings at https://www.jackdixongunnweddings.com.au and events at https://blushingpilgrim.com.au. Hit me up if you ever thinking of tying the knot and we'll make some magic happen.

Do you do actor headshots?

The short answer is no, not really. The longer answer is yes if you ask me enough times. They're not my speciality and so I generally steer clear from doing them! General portraiture however is right up my alley- feel free to get in touch if you'd like to have some not- so- traditional portraits done and we'll go for gold!

Can I have the RAW, unedited files.

Unfortunately I'm unable to give away the RAW files, or only under exceptional circumstances (if you're working with a graphic designer who needs them). Otherwise I'm afraid they need to remain locked away on my hard drives.

Can we have a discount? Will you shoot for XYZ?

While I would absolutely love to shoot for free, or even at a discounted rate, I'm afraid the reality is that I lose too much cash in the process. Between running a car, editing software, insurance, equipment costs, CRMs, admin time, editing time, breakages, cancellations, pesky non-paying clients and losing my wallet, offering my services for free or at a reduced rate starts to get a little hairy.